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Sunrise & Storm CloudsSunrise & Storm CloudsDistant storm clouds over the Valley Of Fire One of my Favorite Photos of 2013 was this scene. There had been thunder clouds in the Las Vegas area and flash floods in the canyons. When I turned onto the turnoff to the Valley of Fire State Park, it was a beautiful sight to see the sunrise lifting the storm clouds, and it turned out to be a great day in the valley. This and several other of my favorite photos of 2013 are available in the collection, Favorites of 2013. It's a celebration of the Beauty and Color of Nature.

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A Little Fall Color A gentle stream and a little Fall color with subtle morning sunlight. Upper Twin Lake, Bridgeport, California. This scene at Robinson Creek flowing into Upper Twin Lake was the start of a morning hike high above Twin Lakes near Bridgeport on October 1st. The little bit of Fall color gives some warmth and softness to an already beautiful scene. The gentle sound of the creek, the filtered sunlight, and the clear cold water was a perfect start for a hike. This was the start of my annual trip to the Eastern Sierra. Later that morning, I saw quite a few Spawning Kokanee Salmon in the creek. Isn't Nature great? Check out more photos from my latest Eastern Sierra trip, including Fall color at Convict Lake, sunset at Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, and waterfalls on the Middle Fork of Bishop Creek. I really enjoy Capturing the Beauty and Color of Nature.

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Valley Of Fire The Valley Of Fire is Nevada's oldest State Park and is only an hour North of Las Vegas. It's a beautiful and very large park with unusual rock formations, a wide range of colors, and numerous sites of Native American petroglyphs. You can see why it's called the Valley Of Fire from the brilliant red rocks in this picture. There are bright red rock outcroppings, hills, canyons, and mountains, as well as a rainbow of other colors throughout the park. Exploring the Valley Of Fire is my most recent example of Capturing the Beauty and Color of Nature.

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The Winds Of Change The Winds Of Change Windmills, Old and New. Windmill farms have popped up on farmland in the Sacramento Delta. In some ways the modern giant structures are a blight to the pure, unspoiled landscape, but in addition to being useful and efficient in producing energy, they are beautiful. Graceful lines, clean in design and alongside windmills that are a hundred years older, they provide a stark contrast of how times change. These are the Winds Of Change. See more photos of farms and windmills in the Sacramento Delta. Outdoor Scenics: Photography by Allen AdlerCapturing the Beauty and Color of Nature.

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Blue Sunset and Dancing Clouds Blue Sunset It was just after sunset along Rockaway Beach on the Northern Oregon Coast. It wasn't the usual bright orange/pink/red sunset, but a beautiful display of dancing clouds in a vast skyscape mixed with Cerulean, Aqua, and Royal blues with white and orange accents. It was a Blue Sunset.

On a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, along the Oregon Coast, there are so many breathtaking scenes. Rocky shorelines, steep cliffs, miles and miles of natural arches just offshore, and "stacks," remnants of former arches after the roof of the arches have fallen. I see Blue Sunset as one of Nature's continuing displays of beauty; another reason I'm driven to be Capturing the Beauty and Color of Nature.

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Flamboyant Annaberg Ruins On my recent trip to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, I visited the Annaberg Sugar Plantation ruins. You can see the ruins of the windmill behind the tree. The windmill ran the giant stone grinding wheels used to crush sugar cane into juice. The tree in the foreground of this photo is called a Flamboyant tree. Unfortunately I was there too early in the season to see the typical bright red flowers that give the tree its name. Bright blue Sky and soft clouds on this day, however, were perfect lighting conditions for the scene. The light gave accent to the texture of the leaves, against the smooth bark of the branches and trunk, surrounded by the ruins of an old rock fence, and the multicolored stone and coral windmill structure in the background. The Virgin Islands are a beautiful place to visit and to witness why I like Capturing The Beauty And Color Of Nature.

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Caribbean Waters Crystal Clear Water Crystal Clear Water is the first thing you notice about the Caribbean. On my most recent trip to the Virgin Islands, I was instantly reminded how you are captivated by the island lifestyle, the lush green trees and jungle vegetation, colorful flowers and brightly painted buildings. But it's the Crystal Clear Water that always stands out. This picture was taken while leaving Foxy's Bar at Jost Van Dyke island in the British Virgin Islands. An exquisite example of why I love Capturing The Beauty And Color Of Nature.

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Herding Sheep Herding Sheep Native American Rock Art can be found in numerous places in Arches National Park. These petroglyphs show riders on horseback and dogs along with bighorn sheep. Were the people on horses hunters or herders? Horses weren't introduced to the U.S. until the Spanish brought them in the 1500's, so this rock art was probably made by the Ute tribe in the 1600's. This is an example of man enhancing the beauty and color of Nature.

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And Then Nature Lights Up the Sky Nature Lights Up The Sky All of a sudden the sky was lit in the most intense color. I had seen it coming for a couple of minutes, but suddenly it was so intense that I had to stop the car and take the shot. It had been a great day. Starting with a cold but beautiful sunrise at Dead Horse Point State Park, then to a bright early morning at Canyonlands National Park, and back to Arches National Park. The sun was shining all day, and a few clouds added some interesting changing patterns and complexity to the sky.  The crowds of people were absent, the roads were lightly travelled, The sights of the day were spectacular, with surprises around every turn. Late afternoon and sunset approaching, I had made the trek to the plateau where Delicate Arch stands and found Photographers, hikers and tourists from all over the world up there. It was a highlight of the day for me. Hiking and climbing was rewarding at every level, and at the end of the day, tired, and weary, the sun had dipped below the horizon, and Nature lights up the sky with the most brilliant of sunset colors. I think it was Her way of saying, "Thank you, for enjoying my work." Another surprise. Another highlight. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Outdoor Scenics: Photography by Allen Adler

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Skutumpah Road Willis Creek Slot Canyon XII Skutumpah Road: six miles on a dirt road south of Kodachrome Basin State Park in Utah, takes us to the Willis Creek slot canyons; actually a series of narrow slot canyons. Willis Creek slot canyons wasn't a planned destination, but the Park Ranger at the Grand Staircase Escalante Information Center told us about the location. It's not a wildly popular spot as the famous Antelope Canyon in Arizona, these canyons are still unique, interesting and beautiful. There was still a small stream flowing, and we had to keep crossing it as we traveled down the canyons. These canyons were formed by millions of years of flash floods washing and swirling through the rocks, The contrast from high overhead light accentuates the layers and colors in the sandstone rocks. The Utah National Parks and Monuments are vast, varied, beautiful and interesting - just right for Capturing the Beauty and Color of Nature.


]]> (Allen Adler) Grand Staircase Escalante Utah National Parks and Monuments Tue, 23 Apr 2013 17:49:00 GMT
Flying Volcanic Boulders Volcanic Boulders When Boulder Mountain, west of Capitol Reef National Park, exploded two million years ago it sent giant boulders flying. Millions of years of enormous debris flows and floods rounded the boulders and dumped them across broad valley floors beyond the mountains. Rivers have since cut deeply into those valley floors, carving canyons. The old valley floors are now mesas that rise up to 600 feet above present river valleys. The boulders you see in this photo are almost 100 miles from Boulder Mountain near what is now Highway 70 on the San Rafael Swell in South Central Utah. Boulders like these can be found in many parts of Arches, Capitol Reef, National Parks and and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. The stark, rich black rocks give strong contrast to the bright red sand that covers the area. Beautiful combinations of light, texture, and color are abundant. See more of the Utah National Parks and Monuments at Outdoor Scenics: Photography by Allen Adler - Capturing the beauty and color of Nature.

]]> (Allen Adler) Arches Highway 70 Highways Moab National Park San Rafael Reef, Utah San Rafael Swell Volcanic Boulders Tue, 23 Apr 2013 16:31:25 GMT
Grand Sunset Grand Sunset A Grand Sunset on the Grand Staircase Escalante. There are always surprises on a road trip.  It had been a long day, spending most of it at Capitol Reef National Park, hiking some of the canyons, climbing rocks, and stopping at every scenic turnout to take pictures, I was looking forward to a pleasant and beautiful drive, and it was. But then, while in the middle of Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, after making a turn in the road, appearing before me was a powerful and dynamic cloud formation, at sunset, over a large mesa, in the middle of a huge expanse of scenery. It was certainly one of those surprising moments. It was Nature speaking to me again. I was on a trip looking for the color and beauty of Nature, and there it was right in front of me. See more of the color and beauty of Nature in Utah at Outdoor Scenics: Photography by Allen Adler.

]]> (Allen Adler) Clouds Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument Sunset Utah Utah National Monuments Utah National Parks Tue, 23 Apr 2013 15:49:55 GMT
Grass Reflecting Grass Reflecting Sometimes Nature likes something so much that she shows it twice. Reflections are Nature's way of saying, "Look at this. It's beautiful." Especially after a day of long walks and strenuous hikes in two National Parks and a Utah State Park, from sunrise to sunset, finding a spot like this was a welcome moment. It's just a simple patch of grass reflecting but it stopped me. I too reflect at the end of a day and remember why I'm driven to be Capturing The Beauty and Color of Nature

]]> (Allen Adler) Arches National Park Capturing the beauty and color of nature. National Parks Reflections Utah Sun, 14 Apr 2013 15:17:22 GMT
Inside Double Arch Inside Double Arch II Double Arch is indescribably large. It looks huge from a distance, and as you get closer and see it from under the arch it dwarfs everything human. Take a look at the people walking on the edge of the arch. Below them is a very steep drop. The arch and most of the rocks and arches in Arches National Park are made of Sandstone formed from floors of oceans that lifted in geologic uplifts, then slowly, in the past 250 million years, have eroded into odd and interestingly shaped formations. Look for more photos of Utah Parks and Monuments at Outdoor Scenics: Photography by Allen Adler.

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Double Arch Double Arch II The Double Arch in Arches National Park is unique that the two arches are joined at one side. It's very large and massive and is part of  a much larger rock outcropping. For this wide view photo of Double Arch, I was set up about 200 yards away and used a telephoto lens to frame just the arches and a bit of the rock formation which is very rugged. I caught this on a sunny afternoon that was welcome after a day of thunder and lightning storms, and another day of fog, snow and wind. You can see more photos from Arches National Park at Outdoor Scenics: Photography by Allen Adler.

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Sunset Approaching Delicate Arch Delicate Arch II Delicate Arch is great to see from any angle, but when sun gets low in the sky, the sandstone colors of the arch turn a bright warm reddish orange color. This view of Delicate Arch was pretty dramatic to experience with the sun peeking from behind the edge of the arch. Arches National Park is a wonderful place with over 2,000 natural arches and more in constant formation. Take a look at more photos of Arches National Park in the Utah Parks and Monuments gallery of Outdoor Scenics: Photography by Allen Adler.

]]> (Allen Adler) Arches National Park Delicate Arch National Parks Sunset Utah Sun, 14 Apr 2013 05:13:25 GMT
Delicate Arch Delicate Arch I Delicate Arch is the most famous icon at Arches National Park. It's visible from viewing points at ground level, but like other natural monuments, it's much more impressive close up. Getting to the Arch is a 45 minute hike on dirt trail, over slickrock mounds, and narrow paths with steep drop-offs. Delicate Arch is also notable because it is freestanding, not part of a mountain or larger rock formation. Check out the Arches National Park gallery and other photos from Utah Parks and Monuments at Outdoor Scenics: Photography by Allen Adler.

]]> (Allen Adler) Arches National Park Delicate Arch Utah Sat, 13 Apr 2013 16:44:49 GMT
Foggy Snowy Morning Foggy Snowy Morning Alien creatures on another planet. That's what it looked like on Tuesday, April 9 in Arches National Park. Foggy Snowy Morning was photographed looking across the Petrified Dunes toward the Windows section of the Park. The rock formations in the park are odd, unusual, strange, yet incredibly beautiful and captivating. But on this morning I felt like I was on another planet. See more photographs taken in fog and snow at Outdoor Scenics: Photography by Allen Adler.

]]> (Allen Adler) Arches National Park Fog Snow Utah Fri, 12 Apr 2013 09:46:55 GMT
Alongside The Colorado Alongside The Colorado The Colorado River has carved some spectacular canyons, towers, and natural monuments. Driving Highway 128, South into Moab, Utah on the way to Arches National park, the Scenic Byway follows the Colorado River, and reveals some beautiful towers, rock formations, and vistas in brilliant color, of course. I took this picture Alongside the Colorado at sunset with storm and rain clouds providing some additional interest. See more photos of beautiful scenery at Outdoorscenics: Photography by Allen Adler.

]]> (Allen Adler) Arches National Park Colorado River Highway 128, Utah Moab River Scenic Byway Sunset Utah Wed, 10 Apr 2013 03:54:00 GMT
The Road To Tonopah Road to Tonopah The Road To Tonopah for me was actually the beginning of a road trip to National Parks in Utah. Tonopah, Nevada was a waypoint on the way to join a friend in Las Vegas to start our Utah adventure. Driving just East of Mono Lake on the Mono Lake Basin Road, the sage had turned a beautiful pale yellow, and some of the nearby mountains still have snow, so I stopped to take a few pictures. This very pretty scene is a good example of contrasting colors (yellow and blue) and contrasting values (dark blues and brown against white snow and clouds as well as the pale yellow of the sage flowers. I call it The Road To Tonopah.

You can see more pretty scenes in the Eastern Sierra Gallery of my Outdoor Scenics website.

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The First of Four Flowering Sage I'm getting four photos ready for the Lincoln Hills Fine Art Association Art Show on February 22. This striking image of a Flowering Sage in in the late afternoon is a good example of vibrant colors and unique aromas that you can find in the desert. The Owens Valley is high desert. Sage is everywhere; in sandy, rocky stretches, on hills and mountains, and especially on river banks. The Owens River is a great place to go fishing, but an even better place to encounter the beauty and color of Nature. On this day, the bright sun getting low to the horizon gave glittering sparkles to the ripples in the river, and gave an extra warm glow when backlighting the already brilliant yellow flowers on this sage plant. Contrasting values, hues, and intense color stopped me. I love bright, brilliant color. This photo will be one of four going into the Art Show. See this photo and more from the Eastern Sierra at Outdoor Scenics: Photography by Allen Adler

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Happy New Year! Bryce-Caught in Sunrise A New Year: The beginning of a new year is like a sunrise. It's the beginning of something new. Renew, refresh, and start again. New Year's Day and sunrises are, to me, symbols of renewing, refreshing, and starting again; another opportunity to make things better, find something new, explore something or somewhere you've never done or seen, or just look at something old in a way that you have never looked at it before. Make the most of 2013, because the next New Year will be here before you know it. I've changed my Selected Favorites tab to display a dozen of my favorite photos of 2012. I hope you enjoy them and will be inspired to make your own discoveries of "The Beauty and Color of Nature!"

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Layers And Layers Zion-Layered Rock Formation Layers And Layers of sandstone have formed unique, interesting rock formations and giant walls in the canyons of Zion National Park. Early morning light accentuates the textures and color of these layers. Trees and bushes of various kinds are abundant in the park. In this picture, the bright green foliage is a contrasting accent to the red sandstone. You can see more of my Zion National Park images and other recent additions at Outdoor Scenics: Photography by Allen Adler.

]]> (Allen Adler) Canyon National Parks Navajo Sandstone Sandstone Utah Zion Zion National Park Sun, 30 Dec 2012 17:33:31 GMT
Winter Wonderland/Christmas Magic High Country A Child's Wonder is Christmas Magic. Yesterday I was struck by the joy and innocence of a child on Christmas morning. When my seven year old granddaughter discovered each present that Santa had left for her under the Christmas tree, she cried in excitement, "Oh my God! This is just what I wanted!" Her reaction was a wonder of nature to embrace. I'm reminded of many wonderful presents that Mother Nature gives in winter. Peaceful scenes of snow, skiers on ski slopes, icicles on trees and buildings, the sounds of streams muffled by surrounding soft blankets of snow, and many other things. I encourage everyone to get out and witness winter wonders on your own. You can also see more winter wonderland at Outdoor Scenics: Photography by Allen Adler

]]> (Allen Adler) High Country Lake Tahoe Mountains Mt. Rose Pine Trees Snow Snow covered trees Tahoe Wed, 26 Dec 2012 15:50:49 GMT
Canyons of Zion National Park Zion Canyon 2 The Virgin River and Zion National Park; Inseparable elements when describing the immense canyon walls, naturally beautiful carved sandstone walls of bright reds, oranges, pinks, white and brown. The Virgin River winds its way through the park creating one breathtaking view after another for miles and miles. Lookouts, cliffs, ledges, foliage and wildlife are revealed as you explore the roads, trails and paths of the park. The canyon in this photo can be seen on the trail to Emerald Pools. I was awed at being dwarfed by high, shear sandstone walls to my left, when I looked to the right to look down this canyon. It seemed to go forever, as the deep green, lush trees line the path of the river. Enjoy more images in my gallery of Zion National Park and other recent additions at Outdoor Scenics: Photography by Allen Adler

]]> (Allen Adler) , Sandstone, "Sandstone Walls", Utah, "Zion National Park" Canyon Emerald Pools National Parks Sat, 22 Dec 2012 10:26:22 GMT
Striated Sandstone Zion-Striated Sandstone At the end of September I went on a motorhome trip to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Zion is impressive because of the massive, vertical walls of Navajo Sandstone, red, pink, and white rocks, and huge, long canyons carved in time by the winding Virgin River. On the Mount Carmel Highway, in the high country of Zion, there are some beautiful and unusual patterns and rock formations. The prominent striations in this sandstone wall are accentuated by the high angle of the sun. Not often the best time of day to take photos, this time it was just right. See more photos from this road trip in my Zion National Park gallery and other recent additions at my Outdoor Scenics homepage.

]]> (Allen Adler) Canyon National Parks Sandstone Sandstone Walls Utah Zion National Park Wed, 19 Dec 2012 08:49:18 GMT
Color In The Fog Snoqualmie Falls 3 On a cold, foggy day when visiting family in Seattle, my daughter and I took a side trip to  Snoqualmie Falls. At first the fog was so thick, that the falls were not even visible. Periodically, the fog would clear slightly, and I noticed that although the fog filtered and softened the overall scene and colors, the cool red berries on the plant in the foreground were a brilliant contrast. A little transparency in the fog above the falls showed a hint of forest and added a little mysterious interest. What started out as a wet, cold, foggy day turned into a beautiful day of discovery. Sharing the day with my daughter made the day perfect!

See other photos from my Pacific Northwest gallery and other recent additions at Outdoor

]]> (Allen Adler) Falls Fog Northwest Pacific Rivers Snoqualmie Waterfall Tue, 18 Dec 2012 16:28:30 GMT
Cold, Wet and Foggy Snoqualmie Falls 1

Snoqualmie Falls 1

On cold, wet days, I don't usually expect to get good photos, or even want to take photos. Sometimes you just want to go somewhere to see something new as I did last week when visiting family in Seattle. When I arrived at Snoqualmie Falls, it was so foggy and misty that I couldn't even see the falls. I could hear it, and I knew it was physically less than 50 yards away. The sound was powerful, but I could see nothing. Then I noticed the fog clear slightly, and fog over again. I watched this happen over and over and started taking pictures. I had to work fast, wiping mist from my lens between shots, but the result was beautiful. It's great to see scenery in full, brilliant color, in bright or warm or naturally filtered lighting situations. But on this occasion, Nature was giving me a window to see something new. On this day, I was lucky to be at Snoqualmie Falls on a cold, wet, dark, and foggy day.  Take a look at my Pacific Northwest gallery and other recent additions at


]]> (Allen Adler) Falls Fog Northwest Pacific Rivers Snoqualmie Waterfall Mon, 17 Dec 2012 19:01:40 GMT
Convict Lake in the Fall Fishermen At Convict Lake

Convict Lake

This is one of the prettiest lakes in the Sierra. It's also a great lake for trout fishing. On a cool Fall morning, the glassy lake surface with a single boat of fishermen is accented and framed by beautiful rising peaks and colorful hues of gold Fall foliage. It's another perfect example of the beauty and color of nature. You can see other photos of the Eastern Sierra in my California gallery at

]]> (Allen Adler) Convict Lake Eastern Sierra Fall Color Fishing Highway 395 Lakes Owens Valley Sat, 27 Oct 2012 16:24:23 GMT
South Fork - American River South Fork-American River 1

South Fork of the American River

River Rafters love this river. About two miles downstream from Coloma, California (a popular rafting starting point) on Highway 49, the Dave Moore Nature Area is a beautiful spot to view the river, to hike some trails and see some unique rock formations. On this July morning, just before the rafters started coming down the river, I was enjoying the beauty of the rushing river flowing past a rocky shoreline next to lush green foliage. This spot is one of my favorite displays of the beauty and color of nature. You can see other photos of the Sierra in my California/Sierra Foothills gallery at

]]> (Allen Adler) American River CA Coloma Gold Country Highway 49 Rivers Sierra Foothills South Fork Streams Sat, 25 Aug 2012 17:31:57 GMT
The Eiffel Tower and Tree Blossoms Eiffel Tower in Spring Bloom Another angle of the Eiffel Tower in Spring!

The trees in the park around the Eiffel tower were in bloom. The color, contrast, and tower structure combine to create a texture of light, dark, angles, all accented by new leaves in their light green color. You can see several other photos of the Eiffel Tower in my website gallery of Paris and France at

]]> (Allen Adler) Eiffel Tower Paris, France Sat, 25 Aug 2012 15:20:41 GMT
The Eiffel Tower Garden View Eiffel Tower Garden

A Garden View of the Eiffel Tower

Strolling the walking paths around the tower are lots of trees, flowers, lawns, and gardens. In Spring the architectural beauty of the tower is accented by the colors of the blossoms, the new leaves, and blue sky. it all makes the world feel fresh.

You can see several other photos of the Eiffel Tower in my website gallery of Paris and France at


]]> (Allen Adler) Eiffel Tower Paris, France Sat, 25 Aug 2012 15:20:14 GMT
The Eiffel Tower and White Blossoms Eiffel Tower & Tree Blossoms The Eiffel Tower & White Blossoms

This is a study in silhouette and color. The Eiffel Tower is a great place to experience color, texture and nature! 

You can see several other photos of the Eiffel Tower in my website gallery of Paris and France at

]]> (Allen Adler) Eiffel Tower Paris, France Fri, 24 Aug 2012 20:46:55 GMT
The Eiffel Tower in Spring Eiffel Tower & Guard Ahh, Paris in spring time!

I've been lucky to travel to Paris several times. The Eiffel Tower is by far my favorite landmark and my favorite place to go. The tower structure is not just complex, beautiful, and a marvel of engineering. It's also incredibly detailed, with amazing attention to detail given to every corner, bolt, plaque, and anchor. The grounds are beautiful and create a frame for the work of art that the tower is. Even the bridge that spans the Seine, from which I took this photo, presents a dramatic approach to the Eiffel Tower. You can see several other photos of the Eiffel Tower in my website gallery of Paris and France at

]]> (Allen Adler) Eiffel Tower Paris, France Sat, 21 Apr 2012 17:31:48 GMT
Orchard Row

A little late to bloom, but ready...

Rows of orchard trees are ready for Spring. About to bloom, they stand strong and straight, ready to do their work. Morning light is delicate, warm, and creates form, interesting patterns, and thousands of textures and patterns to capture the imagination. This picture was taken in the Bear River Drive area where the Sacramento Valley and the Sierra Foothills meet. This and other scenes are available in my website gallery of the Sierra Foothills at

]]> (Allen Adler) Sacramento Valley Orchard Sun, 08 Apr 2012 16:53:10 GMT
Spring in the Sierra Foothills Truck On Chili Hill 2

2012 Spring is here.

I once again began exploring the winding, back roads and towns of Lincoln, Loomis, Newcastle, Penryn, and Auburn in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. I'm intrigued by the old farms, livestock, rolling hills, streams, and creeks. There is an abundance of California Valley Oaks decorating the landscape, also dotted by large, lichen and moss covered granite rocks and boulders that are typical of the area. Check out the picture here of a rusting 1920's pickup truck on Chili Hill Road, and see other scenes in my website gallery of the Sierra Foothills at


]]> (Allen Adler) Truck On Chili Hill Road Wed, 14 Mar 2012 23:15:12 GMT